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The School of the Future will need to be much more than a mere conveyor of knowledge.

It has a duty to prepare children for the unforeseen – with knowledge, skills and competencies.

Portrait of Uwe Feuersenger, Chairman of Digiscovery Foundation

Uwe Feuersenger


With over 30 years of experience as a manager and entrepreneur, Uwe Feuersenger’s roots are in technology, creating the first online platform for trading digital content worldwide. He went on to found and manage one of the leading family offices in Europe, overseeing over 50 investments. His passion for education led him to acquire Obersee Bilingual School, one of the top private schools in Switzerland, which he has been serving as a principal since 2017.

What should and must schools be like in the digital age? We urgently need to find new ways!

Portrait of Rahel Tschopp, Vice-Chairwoman of Digiscovery Foundation

Rahel Tschopp


As a primary teacher, remedial teacher and principal, Rahel Tschopp has held various roles in the school system. Since 1998, she has been working in the advanced training of teachers. In 2016, she was appointed head of the “Media Education and Information Technology” Center at Zurich University of Teacher Education. In 2006, she founded the NPO CompiSternli, a generational project for media literacy, which she has been leading with great passion ever since. In 2020, Rahel opts for self-employment, founding Denkreise GmbH. As a competence center for digitalization issues in the education sector, Denkreise supports the school digitalization process by providing advice, information and training.

Technological progress is reinforcing the trend towards individualized learning. It is important that we do not forget about people in this context.

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Holger Horz, Board Member of Digiscovery Foundation

Prof. Dr. Holger Horz

Board Member

Holger Horz has dedicated his professional life to researching computer-based teaching and learning. After completing his doctorate and habilitation on the topic at the Universities of Mannheim and Koblenz-Landau respectively, in 2008 he took up a research professorship for computer-based learning at the University of Applied Psychology in Olten (CH). Being called to Goethe University Frankfurt in 2010, he became head of the research area “Psychology of Teaching and Learning in Adulthood” and of the Interdisciplinary Council for Higher Education Didactics (IKH). Since 2015, Holger has led Goethe University’s “Academy for Educational Research and Teacher Education” as its Executive Director.

Executive Team

Portrait of Amalja Mair, CEO of Digiscovery Foundation

Amalja Mair


We are just catching a glimpse of the powerful digital tools we will have at our disposal. Let’s make sure to teach our kids how to use them skillfully, but wisely!

After a number of years in banking and asset management, Amalja Maier decided it was about time to roll up her sleeves and pursue her many other interests, especially in the more organizational and operational aspects of life. Following a stint of advanced training at the Center of Philanthropy Studies / Basel University, she is keen to help build an organization dedicated to the future-oriented education of our children.



Not only were we founded by Bold Brains AG, they are also our most important resource. Whether as an idea generator, a sparring partner or a facilitator – their technological and educational know-how is invaluable to us and gives us an edge!

While working closely with Bold Brains to leverage their expertise, we are bound to our Charter only, and our activities are aimed at realizing the foundation’s purpose while adhering to best practices as far as foundation governance is concerned.

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