Our Impact


We place users at the center, with technology serving humans, not the other way around.
We empower learners to become proficient in skills, ensuring they get smarter as the technology gets smarter.

PROJECTPurpose PartnersDuration
Tomorrow’s Learner Summit 2022An inspirational symposium for tomorrow’s learners, today’s parents and innovative educators who are ready to challenge the status quoObersee Bilingual SchoolSep 23rd, 2022
#FakeItPilot testing a plug & play digital learning concept for schools to increase media awareness among studentsEtrit Asllani,
Sep 23rd, 2022
Digiscovery Edition of
«Wenn Schule auf Ideen bringt»
250 free copies for teachers and schools to inspire creative learning and teaching Leonard Sommer,
Oct 2022 –
Feb 2023
Digiscover!Resources for your voyage of digital discovery, including research guide and toolsObersee Bilingual SchoolStarting
Oct 4th, 2023
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