Know what you don’t know!

Help your students consciously exploring the world!

The world out there is hyper-complex, hyper-turbulent and hyper-connected. And unfortunately, it is fraught with false information. That’s why it is so important that your students remain critical and learn to distinguish opinions from facts.

But how do you systematically research the facts? We have the perfect cheat sheet!

DIGISCOVER! Infographic

How to use our infographic

Our infographic is intended as a guide for your research. It is meant to help you and your students to critically question information and to bring the facts to light.

For this purpose, it summarizes different research methods (e.g. OSINT, OPVL analysis*), hints at possible stumbling blocks (purposeful deception, cognitive distortions) and shows you how to overcome these obstacles (Critical Thinking in 8 Steps).

Of course, the impact will be even more profound if you research the suggested methods and concepts yourselves and build your own research toolbox. To get you started, we have already compiled a list of suggested tools in our DIGISCOVER! Toolbox for you.

Our thanks go to the teachers of OBS in Wollerau for their valuable feedback while creating the infographic!

* OSINT = Open Source Intelligence; OPVL = Origin, Purpose, Value, Limitation


Your research starts with choosing the right tools. While there are many of them, we have compiled a short list to get you started**:

Let’s see…
  • Who wrote the content?
  • Was a text possibly written by artificial intelligence?
  • What is the goal of the authors?
  • Are the authors or editors “hiding”?
But how?

Detect AI content

Find domain owner

Check website imprint

You’d rather choose your own tools? Have fun with the CredCatalog – and don’t forget to check out the publishers (and their funding sources)!

** We have selected the suggested tools to the best of our knowledge, but cannot vouch for their content. Please also be aware that third-party providers may use cookies and collect personal data when you visit these websites. We have no influence on the data that is then collected by third-party providers. For more information please consult our legal notice and our data protection policy.