Your research starts with choosing the right tools. While there are many of them, we have compiled a short list to get you started**:

Let’s see…
  • Who wrote the content?
  • Was a text possibly written by artificial intelligence?
  • What is the goal of the authors?
  • Are the authors or editors “hiding”?
But how?

Detect AI content

Find domain owner

Check website imprint

You’d rather choose your own tools? Have fun with the CredCatalog – and don’t forget to check out the publishers (and their funding sources)!

** We have selected the suggested tools to the best of our knowledge, but cannot vouch for their content. Please also be aware that third-party providers may use cookies and collect personal data when you visit these websites. We have no influence on the data that is then collected by third-party providers. For more information please consult our legal notice and our data protection policy.